Men who have taken the course shared the following:

“I was able to release and experience a re-birth and to identify how birth affects our entire lives.”
“I felt a deeper OK-ness, oneness, and sense of responsibility for Self.”
“I now experience a deeper gentleness.”

Men's Circle

Exploring the Man’s Role in Sacred Birthing

This 8 week course offers men an opportunity to explore birth from their sacred masculine perspective. Included in this course will be:

  • The opportunity to explore their own inner wisdom around birth.
  • Finding fuller meaning in their own personal birth stories.
  • Understanding pregnancy, labor and birth in home and hospital settings.
  • Gaining insight into the abilities to be supportive of women.
  • Understanding the nurturing nature of the masculine.
  • Two full days of Heal Your Own Birth workshop.
  • A part of this course will help men explore the issues around circumcision.
  • Exploring what a woman and her family will find in today’s medicalized ways of birthing.
  • Gaining insight into what it means to be a new parent and how to support new parents.
  • Seeing life from the newborn’s perspective.

Class Schedule

April 3 to May 22, 2018
(8 weeks)

Tuesday evenings from 5:00 to 8:00

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