January 23 to March 13, 2018
(8 weeks)

Tuesday evenings, 5:00 to 8:00

Tuition: $300.00

The Level II Sacred Birthing Community Doula Course

This 8 week series starts with a re-visit to your own birth and the development of a strong sense of self with the ability to hold space for a pregnant, birthing and postpartum family, which involves loving each family fully.

A part of this journey is exploring what babies want and helping families meet the unique needs of their child. This includes the importance of the fourth trimester (the 3 months after birth).  This course journeys into the postpartum time and the all important support a doula can offer to new families.  The final week of the course will be devoted to mentorship, helping new doulas develop their own special doula spirit.

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Course Syllabus

Class 1 – All about you. Re-visit your own birth through art and poetry. The second half of the class will be “talk story” about births you have attended.

Class 2 – The code of ethics and standards of practice – what this means for you and the doula work you do in your community. We will use last week’s birth stories to work with the code of ethics and standards of practice. A review of hospital language and getting through stressful situations.

Class 3 – Working with the unique individuality of birthing families. Holding space for their unique needs and finding that place of no judgment. Learning to love birthing families fully. The work of Byron Katie shared by Terri Nash.

Class 4 – What Babies Want. Helping families meet the unique needs of their newborn. This class will us the video What Babies Want to help us explore the needs and wants of the amazing newborn.

Class 5 – The fourth trimester and the importance of holding, cradling, rocking, walking, swaddling, massaging and being fully present for baby during this time. Helping families work through the birth story, letting go of the ideal birth and accepting the birth that unfolded.

Class 6 – The nitty gritty of being a postpartum doula, helpful ideas for caring for baby, mom, dad and siblings.

Class 7 – Mentorship – being available to new doulas as they develop their own special doula spirit.he issues around circumcision. Exploring what a woman and her family will find in today’s medicalized ways of birthing. Gaining insight into what it means to be a new parent and how to support new parents. Seeing life from the newborn’s perspective.