The Birth Circle : Childbirth Preparation

Included in this 8 week course at the Sacred Birthing School in Kapaa:

  • Class is limited to smaller, more intimate groups of no more than four families
  • Opening to birth on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level
  • Song, chant, dance, poetry, creative artwork, guided visualization and meditation
  • Understanding nutritional needs of your growing baby
  • Discussing appropriate exercises during your childbearing year
  • Understanding the unexpected
  • Discussing the needs of the pregnant family
  • Learning about comfort measures for mother
  • Supporting the birth partner
  • Establishing a safe birthing environment
  • Working with the bodies natural flow and the hormone of love- oxytocin
  • Learning about breast feeding your baby
  • Understanding the needs of mother, baby and father after the birth
  • Getting prepared for your shift into parenthood
  • This course includes a pregnancy massage for each pregnant mother in the birth circle
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